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We apologize – We have chosen to postpone the opening of our new business this summer due to a family emergency.  Please check back periodically, and we look forward to seeing you in the future.

Mike & Valerie

Michael Garver has been studying and practicing personal fitness training most of his life.  He has been a professional dance instructor, personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and fitness event coordinator in Texas, the Midwest, and California.

Over the past four years, Michael has moved from traditional gym equipment to body weight fitness training.  He is a licensed Zumba Fitness instructor,  Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Body Bootcamp group instructor, and TRX suspension group instructor.

Michael wants to share his love for fitness in a small group format so that he can focus on proper form and complete understanding of how to do the exercises and why the exercises are performed in specific ways.

Optimal health is one of the greatest treasures in life.  Get more out of life by coming on a healthy adventure in Mendocino County California.

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